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As we write before, in this section we will present the most prominent architects from all over the world. We will tell about the names, which are well- known for everyone who is interest in the development of architecture. They were visionaries and they did not take into account any restrictions. We will write something about their biographies and achievements. We invite you on a journey through the world and history.

Toyo Ito- the most famous Japanese architect, honored the largest bays in the world of architecture, the Pritzker Prize in 2013. He was born in 1941 in Seoul as the son of a Japanese family. He began his career in 1969 and in 1971 he founded his own studio 'Urboto'. The company name perfectly indulged the ideas of the Japanese architect. In fast it is a combination of two words: urban and robot. He is such are his designs: modern, surprising, unusual, optimized and automated many components. His largest and most well- known projects include: Medioteka in Sendai, Za-Koenji theater, Suginami-ku, Tokyo Hospital Cognacq-Jay, Paris, Tama Art University Library, Hachioji, Tokyo.

Anthony Plàcid Guillem Gaudí i Cornet


to this day he is considered to be one of the greatest architects of the world. He was born in Catalonia in 1852. He studied of architecture and there was for him a difficult time. This architect could not start the design of the building until he saw around of the building. In effect, firstly he has to drew everything what was around of the building- this was something hard to understand for his teachers and they didn't approve this. He was fascinated by the design of ancient buildings, what was not taught in school. His the biggest projects, well- known all around the world are: Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Casa de los Botines in Leon, Bodegas Güell and Casa Calvet.

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